Safeflor Guard

Safeflor Guard is a 2.0mm thick non-slip flooring with a 0.7mm wear layer. The upper layer incorporates silicon and ceramic particles which make it non-slip.

Product meets the R10 safety requirement.

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Usage classes and classifications


An heterogeneous floor with anti-slip properties.

Layered flooring consisting of:

wear layer: homogeneous blend of vinyl chloride, plasticizers, stabilizers, with inclusion of silicon and ceramic particles ensuring non-slip characteristics even when surfaces are wet;

stabilizing fibreglass;

support layer: soft homogeneous blend of vinyl chloride, plasticizers, stabilizers, inorganic additives, coloured pigments and inert mineral fillers of low particle size;

The layers are tightly heat bonded to each other under pressure


Installation instructions

The surface must be flat, smooth, dry, firm, free of cracks and grease and maintain these characteristics over time. During installation, the ambient temperature must be at least 18° and this temperature must be maintained for at least 2 days after installation completion. Installation implements complete bonding to backing; contacting manufacturers to identify the most appropriate adhesive is advised. The maximum residual humidity of the subfloor must be ≤ 2.5%. In the case of laying on subfloors that are not basements, or are lacking a ventilated crawl space or lightweight screeds, waterproofing is necessary before casting the screed. The joints will be heat sealed together.

Installation instructions

Cleaning and maintenance

Important: remove any traces of adhesive with Evo detergent. The floor can be walked on 24 hours after installation. Carry out daily maintenance with a damp cloth soaked in a commercially available cleaning solution. Warning: do not clean with solvents such as trichloroethylene, acetone, etc. Prolonged resting of tyres may cause indelible dark marring to form on flooring.

Cleaning and maintenance
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