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With a regular growth for over twenty years, VIRAG has been reinforcing international contacts since the 1960s and promoting its vocation in the choice of innovative and high-quality materials for flooring. Such an attitude allowed more than success the creation of a new market. Unceasing innovation and search for materials have shaped a family-run company to lead the way since 1962, when it was a pioneer in offering the carpet on the Italian market, a flooring that was still unknown in Italy during the economic boom and conceived from the tradition of English weavers.

About our culture values

Our people have gained a long experience in flooring and operate with a sense of responsibility and autonomy in the diverse areas of the company, from commercial management to technical departments, from the dialogue with the designers in search of new materials, bringing their expertise, ideas and understanding of customer needs in respect with where they work and live, in Italy and abroad. In VIRAG we work with shared values: the team spirit with which we engage customers and suppliers; the positive attitude with professionalism and reactivity; respect for people and integrity in our actions, inspired by fairness and honesty. Faithful to the spirit that has shaped our company, we love to see “beyond”, to think “the future” through the examination of international trends.

Our pride: logistics
Our pride: logistics

The logistic structure allows to process requests for materials in a short time, through an automated warehouses of goods stored over 500,000 square meters. Our goal is to ensure the availability of the requested product when and where the need arises. The constant and reliable service ensured by our organization is based on the availability of stocks supplied with a careful investment policy supported by a deep knowledge of the market of decorative vinyl flooring and wood, rubber, linoleum, laminate and textile flooring.

The innovation of technical flooring
The innovation of technical flooring

VIRAG hallmark in the proposed collections is the attention paid to the functionality of the product, derived from a deep knowledge of technical flooring, and the careful study of the decorative effect of the materials.

The importance of certifications

Virag pays particular attention to the certification of all floors and wall coverings, in compliance with the highest standards required at European and international level.

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