Gumroll Alfa


Practical for your public-space projects such as underground mass transit, supermarkets, schools and cinemas, Gumroll Alfa floors are ideal for large spaces that require easy maintenance.

Usage classes and classifications


Blend of high quality synthetic rubbers, with selected minerals and coloured pigments. Safe flooring with high standard non-slip features, protecting against electrostatic charges, offering resistance to oils and grease.

Installation instructions

The subfloors must be flat, hard, firm, non-deformable, protected against any moisture penetration and must maintain these characteristics over time. Installation begins by arranging the rolls on the surface to be covered which can be of any kind (concrete, old cement floors, marble tiling, Palladiana etc), as long as it possesses the characteristics outlined above. Using two-component polyurethane adhesives is recommended. Ambient temperature during installation must be no lower than 18°C.

Installation instructions
Cleaning and maintenance

Before using the newly-laid flooring, it must be washed with warm water and a small amount of mild detergent and left to dry. Once dry, wax the floor; this makes cleaning easier and protects against excessive wear of the rubber. To maintain the rubber coatings, do not use abrasive cleaning agents. Each flooring requires specific cleaning, preservative substance treatment, general washing and protection against mechanical damage.

Specific washing: a specific detergent diluted with water must be used and left to act for a few minutes. Next clean, gather up dirt, rinse the coating with clean water and leave until it evaporate off.

Maintenance: apply 1- 2 coats of wax for elastic coatings to the washed surface.

General washing: sweep the flooring, then wash with water with the specific detergent added, gather up the dirt.

Caution: Rubber doormat and rug underlay, furniture feet or similar, some types of soles, matting with vinyl backing or other coatings can permanently fade the colour of the rubber flooring. The coating is not resistant to the action of solvents such as acetone, ethyl octane, butyl octane, hexaline which must be removed immediately. This is also the case for staining substances such as shoe polish, tar, rust. Accumulation of sand and abrasive dust can cause scratches and dulling of the surface. Use of protection, for example doormats, is recommended. The feet of refrigerators, washing machines, tables can cause dents, cracks or scratches on the surface that must be protected with floor protector pads, preferably felt. Falling heavy objects may cause the coating to break. Products are intended for use as indoor flooring use, at a temperature of 20°C and a humidity of 40/60%, glued down on an incombustible base. Not recommended for use in environments subject to intense sun exposure.

Cleaning and maintenance
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