Evolution Tack Dry Plus


Evolution Tack Dry Plus is the innovative loose-lay LVT flooring with a locking system with microsuction action.

Can be used in residential and commercial settings. Flooring is easily removable and reusable.

Wood, stone and design effect looks are available in multiple formats.

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Usage classes and classifications


Vinyl flooring composed of:

- polyurethane finisched surface

- 0.55 mm wear layer in pure and transparent PVC

- 0.10 mm decoration layer in pure PVC printed with innovative techniques

- 0.80 mm anti-torsion stabilizing intermediate layer

- 0.10 mm stabilizing fiberglass layer

- 2.00 mm anti-torsion stabilizing intermediate layer

- 0.10 mm stabilizing fiberglass layer

- 0.85 mm anti-torsion stabilizing intermediate layer

- 0.50 mm clinging layer

The components are assembled with each other by heat on a non-continuous press.


Installation instructions

Extremely quick, since no gluing is required, it can be carried out on all smooth, solid and dust-free surfaces (pre-cured concrete, helical concrete, resin floors, marble, ceramic with reduced joints).
During installation, the ambient temperature must be at least + 18 °C and this temperature must be maintained for at least 2 days after work completion.
In the case of laying on subfloors that are not basements or lacking a ventilated crawl space, waterproofing is necessary before casting the screed.
The maximum permissible residual humidity for a concrete subfloor is ≤ 2%.
Condition the unpacked material for at least 48 hours in the rooms where it will be laid.
Once the flooring has been laid, the entire surface must be rolled with a  suitable roller weighing at least 30 kg.
Even after years of use, the flooring, given its high resistance characteristics, can be repositioned; additionally, on flooring areas subject to intense foot traffic such as corridors, entrances and parking areas, the microsuction technology allows for easy removal and replacement. 

ATTENTION: If the material undergoes sudden changes in temperature, as with all thermoformable materials, it will expand and contract. Take care to ensure a thermal break when installed close to shop windows, windowed walls, French doors etc. In such cases bonding the material with bi-component polyurethane adhesives is recommended.

Installation instructions
Cleaning and maintenance

The flooring can be walked on immediately after installation.
No waxing is required after installation as the floor is already treated with a PUR pure polyurethane surface.
Can be vacuum cleaned and/or cleaned with a damp cloth.
Use only neutral detergents.

Cleaning and maintenance
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