Product code
Feeling to the touch
Metal sheet
Click fitting
Micro-bevelled on 4 sides
Clean installation
Ready to use
Moisture resistant
Reduced VOC emission
Silent under foot
Easy and simple installation
Easy maintenance
Easy to clean
Immediately treadable
No adhesive
Does not require waxing
Available formats
format code: EVAPV12X24X4157
305 mm
610 mm
5 mm
2.232 m2
7.9 kg/m2
Evolution Easy

Evolution Easy

Evolution Easy represents the latest generation of Virag flooring in SPC, Stone Plastic Composite, able to make it easier to choose, install and maintain the floor you are looking for, starting from the latest findings of technological research. Its characteristics, which increase its performance and reduce the complexity of installation, make it the ideal floor for any room in the house.

Evolution Easy has a thickness of only 5 mm including the pre-coupled mat able to reduce footfall noise. Evolution Easy is easy because it has an intuitive and simple coupling system, because it boasts an extremely easy cleaning and maintenance as well as a high stability, because it has a high degree of water repellency and wear resistance.

With the variety and beauty of Evolution Easy's decorations, choosing the right solution for your needs becomes really easy.

Usage classes and classifications


Vinyl flooring composed of:

- UV layer
- 0,30 mm wear layer
- 0,70 mm decorative layer
- 3,00 mm SPC core
- 1,00 mm sound-absorbing underlay

The components are heat-assembled on a non-continuous press.

Installation instructions

Evolution Easy should only be placed inside the house. Since it is a floating floor, it must have the space to expand and contract freely, therefore it must not be glued, nailed or fixed in any way. In the presence of fixed architectural elements it is necessary to leave an adequate space for expansion. In the case of bathroom sanitary ware, use a 100% waterproof and high quality silicone mastic.

While waterproof, Evolution Easy should not be used to insulate an existing floor from moisture. In fact, it cannot inhibit the growth of mould or prevent structural problems associated with or caused by infiltration, excessive humidity, alkali metal in the substrate or conditions deriving from hydrostatic pressure. Stagnant water or other liquids should be removed suddenly.

Evolution Easy must also be protected from exposure to direct sunlight, through the use of suitable window treatments. If Evolution Easy has been subjected to extremely hot or cold temperatures prior to installation, it must be acclimatized for 48 hours between 15°C (59°F) and 32°C (90°F) and between 35% and 65% relative humidity. Evolution Easy should be stored horizontally in a dry area, away from direct sunlight and heating or cooling ducts. Small shade variations within the same lot number and/or between lot numbers contribute to the natural appearance of Evolution Easy. To minimize the variation of shades and ensure a good mix of color and shades, you must randomly use the planks of different cartons. Before installation, carefully inspect each board, do not install damaged planks.

Installation instructions
Cleaning and maintenance

The flooring can be walked on immediately after installation. No waxing is required as it is already treated with a PUR pure polyurethane surface. Can be vacuum cleaned and/or cleaned with a damp cloth, using only mild detergents.

Cleaning and maintenance
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