V-Deck VD 03


Elegant and refined as traditional wood, V-Deck is long lasting and requires minimal maintenance. Versatile and safe, it is harmful or pollutant substance free. It is bare-foot friendly.

The VD 03 version has a grooved profile with honeycomb section, one side ribbed, one side smooth brushed.

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48% wood flours from sustainably managed forests
48% recycled plastics
4% additives and dyes

V-Deck counts itself among the products recognized by Italy’s National Action Plan on Green Public Procurement (PAN GPP) implemented by the Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea Protection, as a flooring solution with the least possible impact on the environment along its entire life cycle.


Instructions for laying

Store planks and supports profiles on a flat surface, avoiding sunlight.
Before proceeding with the installation, check the integrity of the composite wood and immediately contact the supplier in case of defects.
The random arrangement of the slats guarantees the best chromatic result starting from the normal and slight color differences, which constitute an added value.
The area on which to mount the floor must be carefully cleaned, its surface must be flat and perfectly regular with an inclination of 3 mm per meter which ensures water drainage. It can be prepared using a layer of concrete or any other screed material.
The slats are attached by clips above the structure of the joists, in galvanized iron or aluminum, jointed alternately.

Instructions for laying

Cleaning instructions

V-Deck does not require sandblasting, stain removal or painting.
The only precaution required is periodic cleaning with a broom or mop and washing with water when necessary.
To easily remove mud or similar, we recommend the use of a pressure washer.
Using a protective product recommended by Virag is advised to make the material water-repellent and prevent staining, from spills such oil or coffee, from remaining on the WPC.
The protector makes it much easier to clean intense stains that are not removed by the rain.

Cleaning instructions
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