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format code: TTXPV50X50XD50N
483 mm
483 mm
12.5 mm
2.33 m2
6.50 kg/m2


For your low-traffic industrial space projects such as warehouses, depots and small production units, Tetrix is the ideal choice. A line of floating installation vinyl flooring with dovetail interlocking fitting system which, thanks to its composition, ensure resistance to light loads.

Usage classes and classifications


Homogeneous blend of recycled vinyl resins, plasticizers, inorganic additives, with inert minerals. Produced by injection press, with stud and "orange peel" surfaces and anti-slip effect and behaviour.

Installation instructions

Preparation of the subfloor: Sweep or vacuum clean the subfloor, removing any rough edges and filling any cracks with an appropriate quick-setting compound.

Tile cutting: TETRIX products can be cut in various ways: Stanley/utility knife, electric jigsaw, bench saw, circular saw or guillotine shears. Start by laying the tiles on one side of the room. This ensures optimal weight distribution and surface tension of the tiles, which can be connected using a rubber mallet. Once all the whole tiles have been laid, allow the flooring to rest before adding the cut sections along the walls, machinery and tools, taking care to leave a gap of at least 5mm. Tiles may be laid with all four corners lined up or else lengthwise.

Finishing and Edges: After laying all the whole tiles, waiting 24 hours before cutting the sections near the edges is recommended. This allows the tiles to stabilize and expand completely. Wooden door uprights can be cut so as to allow insertion of tiles beneath them. In the case of metal posts, cut the remaining flooring material to within 5mm, then apply silicone around the posts. Ramps are available to finish the flooring if there are no walls.

Installation instructions
Cleaning and maintenance

Following these simple instructions will enable the preservation of both the appearance and non-slip properties of your flooring, as well as prolonging its efficiency:

• Sweep or vacuum clean the floor as often as possible to remove dust and dirt;

• Use clean water and very diluted neutral pH floor cleaner (optional);

• Prevention: Placing a large and effective doormat in entrance areas to remove dirt is essential. The doormat should be cleaned or replaced at regular intervals to prevent most dirt from getting inside and to reduce floor wear. Chairs without protective felt pads or with defective wheels damage the floor and should therefore be repaired or replaced.

Cleaning and maintenance
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