Product code
Wall Cladding
Heterogeneous PVC
Feeling to the touch
Does not require waxing
Easy maintenance
Easy to clean
Moisture resistant
Reduced VOC emission
Recommended uses
Care homes
Dental Surgeries
Doctors' Surgeries
Veterinary Surgeries
Available formats
format code: MXSRM00X20X1584
2000 mm
20000 mm
1.5 mm
80 m2
2.4 kg/m2
Muravyl Plus

Muravyl Plus

Hygiene and versatility are elements not to be overlooked during the planning phase. The Muravyl Plus Heterogeneous wall covering is the ideal solution for combining protection and practicality. A washable surface that resists growth of mould and bacteria without scrimping on aesthetics.

Usage classes and classifications

Material Composition

Wall cladding in PVC with superior engineered characteristics. Impact and scratch resistant thanks to its XP PUR fibreglass reinforcement. The surface is protected by an advanced pure PVC treatment which guarantees ease of cleaning and resist formation of mould and bacteria.

1. Wear layer 0.35mm

2. XP PUR reinforcement 0.12mm

3. Decorative print 

4. Intermediate layer 0.52mm

5. Support 0.51mm

Material Composition
Installation instructions

Laying surface must be flat, smooth, dry, consistent, free of grease and cracks and maintain these characteristics over time. During installation, ambient temperature must be at least + 15°C and this temperature must be maintained for at least two days after work completion. Installation is carried out with easy-spread glue using suitable adhesives according to the manufacturers' instructions. The sheets must be laid inverted from one another.

Installation instructions
Cleaning and maintenance

Modern daily cleaning aims to reduce wet cleaning processes by replacing them with dry cleaning techniques. This makes the job more effective and easier for cleaning personnel and lessens environmental impact thanks to reduced chemical and water use.

Maintenance: Simply wipe with a sponge soaked in clean water. A soft brush may also be used.

Warning: do not use abrasive cloths. Clean with a soft brush and a neutral detergent (pH 6-8) diluted in warm water. Rinse with clean water. A thorough clean using a detergent diluted in water, followed by a rinse with clean water, is advised every so often. 

Cleaning and maintenance
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