Longwood Lounge


Lounge is the latest addition to the Longwood collections of pre-finished 100% wooden parquet. It offers 6 oak decorations measuring 130 x 1092 mm, combined with micro-bevelling on 4 sides, to give the slats a look of slenderness, to enhance small and medium-sized spaces.

Their thickness is 14 mm. The innovative 5G patented interlocking system has considerable mechanical strength, which makes installation especially precise, allowing for great savings on installation times.

It is possible to choose between two methods of installation: floating with the layering of mat and steam barrier, or glued, using specific adhesive.

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Usage classes and classifications


3-layer pre-finished parquet. Micro-bevelled on 4 sides.

The surface layer in Oak offers two different finishes: oiled and painted. Natural brushed and oiled oak, code 2311, is the only one in the collection with an oiled finish, where natural oil penetrates into the pores of the wood, impregnating it against moisture and bringing out its natural characteristics.

Codes 2312/13/14/15/16, on the other hand, are matte varnished, with a coating made up of 5 layers of UV-hardened matte acrylic varnish, which protects the floor from abrasion, scratches and dirt, while the opacity emphasises the natural character of the wood and the depth of its design.

Finally, the brushing enhances the natural beauty of the wood grain and makes the structure perceptible to the touch.

• Noble oak top layer: ± 2.5 mm
• Spruce mid-layer: 9.5mm
• Spruce lower layer: 2mm

Each pack contains 7 slats, 1 of which is cut into 2 parts.



Installation instructions

Before laying it is necessary to check that the substrate is smooth, flat, compact and dry.

The glued installation is recommended in case there is the presence of heated underlay because it optimizes the thermal transmission (minimal heat loss) without creating, thanks to the bonding, air bubbles between the screed and the parquet.

With the help of a spatula of the type recommended by the glue manufacturer, a suitable adhesive is laid on the substrate, which after appropriate processing, creates the so-called adhesion lines so as to allow good contact, at least 70%, between the adhesive itself and the support. It is essential that the glue is spread evenly, the excess or lack of adhesive can compromise the correct installation.

The floating installation consists in recreating a single floor surface simply resting on the subfloor using the male/female joint, the two elements of which are glued together with vinyl glue.

A vapour barrier is placed between the floor and the parquet in order to block any rising humidity and an additional padding having the function of correcting any imperfections in the substrate.

In case of heated or cooled underlay, it is advisable to choose a suitable padding.

Installation instructions
Cleaning and maintenance

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Cleaning and maintenance
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