Product code
Rovere Naturale
Feeling to the touch
Male and female / Permanent glued
Does not require waxing
Easy and simple installation
Easy maintenance
Easy to clean
Immediately treadable
Recommended uses
Available formats
format code: LWSPL189X1860X2
189 mm
1860 mm
14 mm
2.1 m2
9.6 kg/m2
Longwood Antique

Longwood Antique

Unique collection of pre-finished, strapping parquet in fine wood, which adds a rustic look to any space. The long staves streamline and lighten the design thanks to the refinement of the lines: a parquet that lends itself to both floating laying and to gluing.

Usage classes and classifications


Pre-finished, two-layer parquet flooring. Comes with on-trend rustic finishes with cracks and knots. Painted with 5 coats of 10% gloss acrylic paint and brushed with medium brushing.

• 4 mm solid oak layer
• 10 mm
pine and poplar multilayered support

Presence of cut staves possible, up to 25% of the contents of each package.



Installation instructions

Before laying, it is necessary to check that the subfloor is smooth, flat, solid and dry. Glued installation is mandatory if laying on a heated subfloor in order to optimize its thermal transmission (minimum heat dispersion) without creating air bubbles between screed and parquet due to gluing. With a spreader of type recommended by adhesive manufacturer, a suitable adhesive such as two-component, polyurethane or silane glue etc is spread on the subfloor. Following appropriate processing, this creates what are known as "adhesion lines" so as to allow good contact - at least 70% - between the adhesive itself and the subfloor. It is essential that the glue is spread evenly; excess or insufficient glue can compromise correct installation.

Floating installation creates a single floor surface simply resting on the subfloor. It is made with pre-finished parquet staves fitted with tongue/groove interlock joints, glued together with vinyl adhesive. A vapour barrier is placed between the floor and the parquet in order to block any rising damp, as well as an additional mat to correct any flaws in the subfloor. In the case of heated or cooled subfloor, choosing a suitable mat is recommended.

Installation instructions

Cleaning and maintenance

For cleaning and maintenance instructions, click here:

Cleaning and maintenance
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