Lamfloor Lastra


Its 1200x600 mm size makes it an innovative design proposal, along with its range of solid colour decorations in black and white as well as concrete effects.

For your decorating projects, whether for residential or commercial use, Lamfloor Lastra is the ideal laminate flooring.

Its matte finish gives it a true elegance and exclusivity.

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A laminate flooring with a thickness of 8 mm featuring an HDF intermediate layer (High Density Fibre). 


• surface polymerized with an electron beam

• special treatment for super-matte surface

• upper paint approx. 0.05mm

• electron beam polymerized layer

• decorative paper approx. 0.15 mm

• HDF, E1 7.4 mm

• balance paper approx. 0.15 mm


Installation instructions

For installation instructions for Lamfloor Lastra flooring, click here:

Installation instructions

Cleaning and maintenance

For cleaning and maintenance instructions for Lamfloor Lastra flooring, click here:

Cleaning and maintenance
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