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A vinyl flooring capable of dissipating electrostatic charge, suitable for all spaces where this feature is specifically required, such as hospitals and healthcare facilities. The high resistance to wear and humidity make it even more versatile and adaptable to different needs.

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Usage classes and classifications


Homogeneous blend of vinyl resins, plasticizers, dyes, mineral fillers and specific inorganic additives that make the material conductive or anti-static. Marbling throughout its thickness. Press processed without the use of calenders. Suitable for heavy traffic.

Installation instructions

The laying surface must be flat, smooth, dry, firm, free of grease and cracks and maintain these characteristics over time. During installation, ambient temperature must be at least + 15 ° C and this temperature must be maintained for at least two days after work completion. Installation is carried out with easy-coverage glue using suitable adhesives according to the manufacturers' instructions. Heat sealing of bead joints must always be carried out. The maximum permissible residual humidity for a concrete substrate is = 2.5%. In the case of laying on subfloors that are not basements or lacking a ventilated crawl space, waterproofing is necessary before casting the screed.

Installation instructions
Cleaning and maintenance

Remove any traces of adhesive with an Evo detergent. Floor can be walked on immediately after laying. During the first 15 days wash with a wet cloth avoiding the use of excess water. Maintenance treatments must not increase the electrical resistance of the flooring. Therefore, avoid paint treatments or application of greasy waxes. Do not clean with solvents such as tricholorethylene, acetone, etc.

Cleaning and maintenance
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