Pavimentazione tecnica VIRAG


A selection of the many design solutions we have created in partnership with our clients.

  • Hotels


    •Hotel 3 Sisters Estonia •Hotel Baglioni USA •Hotel Boscolo France •Hotel Caruso Italy •Hotel Copacabana Brasil •Hotel Des Alpes France •Hotel Four Points USA •Hotel Four Seasons Budapest •Hotel Four Seasons Buenos Aires •Hotel Four Seasons Istanbul •Hotel Grand Bretagne Greece •Hotel Inter Continental India •Hotel Kirini Greece •Hotel Kobe Japan •Hotel Miraflores Peru •Hotel Nelson Cape Town •Hotel Park Hiatt Hong Kong •Hotel Radisson Russia •Hotel Regal Emirates •Hotel Royal Falcone Italy •Hotel Santa Barbara USA •Hotel Shangi La Abu Dhabi •Hotel Sheraton USA •Hotel Villa D'Este Italy •Hotel Villa Massa Italy •Hotel Westin USA
  • Malls and Retail Shops

    Malls and Retail Shops

    •Adidas BRASIL •Adidas DUBAI •Adidas JAPAN •Armani Stores ITALY •Armani Stores JAPAN •Armani Stores USA •Audi Stores USA •BMW Store ITALY •Calzedonia RUSSIA •Calzedonia SWISS •Center Mall EGYPT •Chateau D'Ax CANADA •Chateau D'AX EUROPE •Chateau D'Ax USA •Chicco Shops BELGIUM •Chicco Shops SPAIN •Chicco Shops USA •Citroeen Stores SWISS •Dainese Stores TURKIE •Decathlon Stores GREECE •Divani & Divani CANADA •Ermenegildo Zegna GERMANY •Feltrinelli Shops ITALY •Ferrari Shops SWISS •Ferrari Shops UK •Golden Point PORTUGAL •Gucci Stores FRANCE •Honda Shops UK •John Richmond Stores USA/EUROPE •K-WAY SOUTH AFRICA •La Rinascente ITALY •Le Roy Merlin FRANCE •Longines Stores FRANCE •Luxottica JAPAN •Luxottica USA •Mediaworld Trony RUSSIA •Nissan Stores PORTUGAL •Pirelli Stores USA •Poltrona Frau ITALY •Prenatal Mega ITALY •Prenatal Mega SPAIN •Prenatal Mega UK •Repsol Shops ARGENTINA •Tods Shops GERMANY •Total Shops FRANCE •Upim Stores ITALY •Valentino Stores ITALY
  • Offices


    •Augusta Offices •Banche Intesa Bank •Berlin Police Headquarters •Bogotá Nuclear Power Station •Carige Genova Bank •Cinecitta’ Offices - Roma •Compaq Building Milan-Turin •Ericsson Offices - Rome •Ferrari Offices - Maranello •Fiat Administration Offices - Turin •Fir Rubinetterie - Italy •Ford and Saab showrooms •Genoa C8 Conference Centre •Honda Offices - Barcelona •Italtel •Marconi Technology - Rome •Rai Offices in Roma •Siemens Italia •The Pirelli Building - Milan •Total France •Vodafone Europe •Zagreb Conference Centre
  • Public areas and Airports

    Public areas and Airports

    •Bucharest Airport •Gino Lisa Airport in Foggia •Istanbul Airport offices •Ankara Military base •Ariston Theatre - San Remo •Aviano Military Base •Belgrade Conference Centre •Bengasi University •Biolab Laboratories - Italy •Genoa C8 Conference Centre •Hospitals and clinics all over Italy •Ljubljana Military School •Milan’s National Theatre •Museo dell’automobile in Rome •Schools and nurseries all over Italy •Senate of the Italian Republic •Sigonella Military Base •Tripoli Military Base
  • Stadiums and Fitness Centers

    Stadiums and Fitness Centers

    •Juventus Stadium Torino •Meazza Stadium Milano •Panathinaikos Stadium Atene •Palasport Durban (South Africa) •Palasport Brescia •Club Francesco Conti •Virgin Fitness Milano •Babel Club Fitness Roma •Galatasaray Training Istanbul •Life Fitness Lima (PERU') •Life Fitness Buenos Aires •Fitness Center Four Seasons Hotel •Great Britain Fitness Center (Greece) •Dibi Wellness Italy
  • Naval Applications

    Naval Applications

    •Azimut ITALY •Benetti ITALY •Benetti Navi ITALY •Cantieri Monfalcone ITALY •Costa Crociere ITALY •Marine Link BRAZIL •Perini Navi ITALY •Riva ITALY •Royal Caribbean USA •Sanlorenzo USA •Sunreef POLAND •Superfast GREECE •Tirrenia ITALY •Toyo BRAZIL
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